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Quotes from the book “Why is God so mad at me?”

“It is a dangerous place to declare there is no God.”

“The way we see God influences every single aspect of our lives.”

“The spirit of a man searches past our intellect and knowledge”

“He isn’t moved by opinion or polls. He speaks through His word, His servants, and through your Spirit.”

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything!”

“I believe that God will allow the disasters to cause men and woman to run to Him.”

“The noise of the culture always gets louder in times of distress.”

“I do believe in judgment, but even more I believe in the awesome love of God.”

“He wouldn’t be God if he didn’t have the power to judge, but also the power to pardon.”

“He is moved by our deep desire to simply know Him.”

“I believe that if we are not careful we will reduce God to being simply our mascot.”

“If you will realize who God is as a Father, you will never again feel alone!”

“My goal is to mess up the devil’s statistics.”

“True freedom will only come to the deep hurts of a generation when they realize that the Father has adopted them.”

“God is an open door to anything you are walking through and he provides rest!”

“I have learned that thing that makes you the maddest is the thing you are most likely called to help conquer.”

“A loving God doesn’t send anyone to hell! A righteous and loving God made a way for you and me to avoid hell, but the responsibility shifted to us.”

“So God doesn’t think like us, but He loves it when we find out what He is thinking.”

“In fact God has prayer life and it includes you!”

“When you invite God into your car He hangs out and ministers to you.”

“We were created for God’s pleasure. You and I were not created to be robots or slaves.”

“God is the friend that will be there when you have no one else!”

“True friendship is covenant not contractual.”

“In other words God is always there for you regardless of how you reject him.”

“Right relationships will produce right choices, which create right moments in God’s presence.”

“We have learned to separate Jesus from God. But what we fail to understand is that they are the same person!”

“A true father disciplines with love and purpose.”

“I want you to understand it is easy to think God is angry if you don’t understand that discipline without relationship breed’s rebellion.”

“I want you to understand that God is not anti-fun, but rather He is anti-pain.”

“Many times character equals pain and character doesn’t change until consequences land.”

“When God the Father takes over your life it isn’t about what you want anymore it becomes about what God has planned for you.”

“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.”

“God wants all or nothing! He doesn’t want to share you!”

“Discipline doesn’t equal anger towards us but rather fatherly love.”

“What you have to realize is that God enjoys seeing His children blessed. He doesn’t want you to be broke!”

“Your dad loves you enough to have prepared for your future and comfort!”

“Allow what you have been through to push you deeper in God.”

“God can take all of the pain you have been through and use it for His glory!”

“I believe that what you have been through is a great indication of who you are called to!”

“God will turn your pain into an awesome victory.”

“He will use what you are walking through to birth something great.”

“God isn’t mad at you; He has you on His mind!”

“There is a microphone waiting to be handed to you! God wants to put you on public display.”

“No matter what mistakes or sins you have done, God has the power to redeem all of your wrongs.”

“God can set anyone free. His arm is long enough to reach the biggest situation.”

“Not only can God reach you, but he can also hear you!”

“You were born to be a champion for God.”

“God reveals His purpose through your giftings and talents.”

“God doesn’t use the qualified; He qualifies the called.”

“Jesus stepped into our humanity and broke the law for me. He rescued you and I!”


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