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“Pat Schatzline is an amazing evangelist. He has a big “antenna”, an awesome analytical mind and a heart full of God’s compassionate love. He hears people and he hears God. People ask “Why is God mad at me?” Wow! It’s the wrong question. Mad? After God gave His only begotten Son to die for our salvation? Others are asking “why does God allow suffering?” God does not ‘allow it’. Does a doctor allow sickness or the police allow crime?  God is against sickness and the works of the devil. He sent Jesus to destroy them.

To understand sickness for example, we have to learn that there is a universal disturbance of the order of God to which we all contribute. Personal sin makes us more vulnerable to the prevailing conditions of evil, so that a sickness could well be linked with our own failure. In Christ’s day the sad masses believed afflictions branded them as sinful. This added to their distress. Jesus showed them that He was forgiving and caring. Guilt could be lifted from their consciences to give them the peace of heaven in their soul.

Pat’s book deals above all with the solutions to life’s questions and problems. They are found in Jesus Christ. He can, will and does succeed – every time we allow Him to take over.

I highly recommend this book.”

Reinhard Bonnke D.D., Evangelist
Christ For All Nations, Orlando, Florida,

“As Christians called to change the world, our mandate is to represent Jesus in the earth, to give a clear picture of His heart and who He is. Too many people hold an inaccurate view of God that hinders their ability to fully come to Him and see Him for who He really is. God is a Father extravagantly in love with people and in passionate pursuit of a relationship with them.

We must shout this from the rooftops to a world that is desperate for His love and Pat Schatzline has done an incredible job of this in his book Why IS God So Mad At Me. The Lord has raised Pat up to be a voice for a generation and brings them into the arms of a Father who is not mad at them but is zealously in love with them. I believe when that issue is settled in the hearts of a generation, an awakening will explode in the nations of the earth.”

Banning Liebscher
Banning Liebscher, Director
Jesus Culture Worship Band, Redding, California

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