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“I have crisscrossed the globe for over four exciting decades, ministering to people from every background and walk of life.  Pat Schatzline’s book, “Why Is God So Mad At Me?” answers a universal question I have heard over and over again throughout the years.  Granted, people word it differently.  But their hearts ache with the twisted fear that God has failed them, forgotten them, or forsaken them. Pat gives straight-forward, Biblical and yet compassionate answers to this universal dilemma.  He paints a powerful picture of the unending love of God.  Many of us have secretly asked Jesus how far we’d have to go to get beyond His love’s reach.  As reflected in Pat’s book, the Lord reminds us all that WE CAN’T!  Because any time we get to the end of His arm, the only place left to go would be to FALL INTO A NAIL PRINT!”

Jeanne Mayo, Youth pastor, speaker, and author
President, Atlanta, GA,

“Pat Schatzline is a voice to this generation and in this book he shows the heart of God, who is for you and not against you.”

Russell Evans, Lead Pastor
Planetshakers Church,

“Pat Schatzline has written an incredibly detailed and touching examination of the principles of God’s love. He has shown through scripture, as well as his own experiences, that many of the misconceptions about God simply aren’t true. A spirit of failure is the greatest enemy of this new generation of believers, and this book will help to do away with those negative misconceptions. For a reaffirming motivation of the possibilities that God has for your life, and the reasons why He pushes us to do greater things, you must read this book.”

Pastor Matthew Barnett, Co-founder
The Dream Center, Los Angeles, CA,

“We live in a day where the enemy has brought many confusing arguments into the minds of a generation against the person and love of an awesome God. These arguments have kept many captive with guilt and held others back with deception. Pat Schatzline has such a unique perspective in writing this book to answer these lies of the enemy. Having traveled many miles and touched countless lives, he has been qualified by heaven to speak on behalf of the truth. Get ready to be set free from confusion and released into the God-given destiny on your life as you read “Why is God so mad at Us?”

Joel Stockstill, Pastor
Bethany World Prayer Center/220I Internship, Baker, LA,

“In this captivating book, Pat has gone deep into the hidden places of the heart, where insecurity and fear keep us from fully receiving the perfect love of our Heavenly Father. Through Pat’s passion and authenticity, the Holy Spirit is able to reveal to us the greatest, most profound truth ever known to man…’Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so.’ Thank you, Pat, for awakening the child-like faith in all of us.”

Karen Wheaton, Evangelist
The Ramp, Hamilton, AL,

“Pat Schatzline has written a book that is going to touch the very core of people who are asking the tough questions. I believe that this message is a mandate from God to touch this generation in their heart. I am excited to see the impact of this book.”

Benny Perez, Lead Pastor
The Church at South Las Vegas, Henderson, NV,

“Pat Schatzline, international evangelist and pastor compiles years of biblical and practical knowledge to openly answer the private question,  “Why Is God So Mad At Me?”  Let Pat’s life experiences guide you on the road to understanding. Break from your past and move to your future.  Your healing begins on the first page.”

Glen Berteau, Pastor
Calvary Temple Worship Center, Modesto, CA,

“With incredible sensitivity, Pat takes the reader on an awesome journey into the amazing heart of God. With great thoughtfulness and purpose he addresses some of life’s hardest questions. Read this book and be prepared to fall in love with Jesus all over again.”

Jim Raley , Lead Pastor
Calvary Christian Center, Ormond Beach, FL,

“Pat Schatzline (Why is God So Mad at Me?) courageously asks the question hovering just beneath the surface of American faith. While consumer Christianity endeavors to redefine and reshape the image of God, Pat skillfully reminds us of the loving nature and intent of God toward people. As an evangelist and pastor, Pat shoulders suffering and disappointments daily encountered, but practically and wonderfully through this book, redirects our souls toward tangible hope.  This book is a game changer! It asserts healing energy into the wounds of America’s damaged soul.”

Jim Hennesy, Senior Pastor
Trinity Church, Cedar Hill, Texas,

“Pat Schatzline is my friend and covenant brother. And whilst we do not have the liberty to meet as regularly as we want to, nonetheless, each time we meet, there is such a connection and bond that I can only describe as Kingdom. Pat has cleared the misconception that God is always angry and distant; that He sits as a judge waiting to punish at the first hint of disobedience, and this is something that has pervaded the minds of many believers. In Asia especially, many are raised in homes where they rarely have any experience of their father’s love or touch. The orphan-spirit has hindered many believers, young and old alike, to enter into the richness of an intimate walk with our Heavenly Father. Pat Schatzline’s book has done a marvelous work in addressing these misconceptions. I believe the book will set many free from the intense battle with the spirit of failure, and restore the image of God.”

Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong, Senior Pastor
Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore,

“Pat Schatzline has heard the troubled heartbeat of a wounded generation and God has given him a response.  “Why is God so mad at me?” will bring healing and answers to a culture that has been bruised by Satan but mistakenly blamed God.  This book is a message of hope and understanding to those whose lives have become ensnared in a trap of pain and misplaced anger. I believe this book has a strategic message that will introduce searching people to the heart and character of our loving, gracious God.  Read this book, share this book and pray that God will connect this book to those who need this message so desperately.”

George Sawyer, Founding Pastor
Calvary Assembly of God, Decatur, Alabama,

“If we truly understood how much God loves us, we would never be the same. In his book, Why is God So Mad at Me?, Pat Schatzline provides an insightful and detailed look at man’s desperate struggle with the truth of God’s amazing, unconditional love.  I am confident that Pat’s book will resonate with you, as it did with me, and you will find the wisdom shared here to be life-changing.”

Dr. Dave Martin, America’s #1 Christian Success Coach and author of The Twelve Traits of the Greats,

“Like a doctor that diagnosis his patient and then prescribes medicine to help eliminate a sickness, the Holy Spirit has given Pat Schatzline one of the most reveling diagnosis of a major deception in the Body of Christ and among unbelievers, why is God mad at me? In his new book, Pat shows us the root cause of this misconception and then skillfully shows us the cure. This is a must read for every believer, a lifetime manual for healthy spiritual growth.”

Al Brice, Sr. Pastor
Covenant Love Church, Fayetteville, NC,

“When Pat Schatzline says, “God is not mad at you, He’s mad about you” he demonstrates the true heart of unconditional love God has for His creation! How sad that for far too long we have concentrated on how bad we are rather than how good God is. God’s grace is still more powerful than sin and triumphs over it. As you read Pat’s wonderful book, “Why Is God So Mad At Us?” perhaps you will discover, He’s not!”

David Thomas, Senior Pastor
Victory Christian Center, Youngstown, OH,

“I have known Pat Schatzline for a number of years, and have heard him speak in numerous contexts.  He is a powerful verbal communicator.  Now he brings that gift of communication to the printed page.  ”Why is God so mad at me?” is a must read for every believer.  It corrects modern day theological myths about God.  It addresses the issue of self esteem versus pride.  I’ve put this book on my must read list for any believer, regardless of how many years they’ve been saved.”

Dr. Evon G. Horton, B.A., M.Div., D.Min., Senior Pastor
Brownsville Assembly, Pensacola, Florida,

“Pat Schatzline is a noted evangelist, gifted communicator and talented writer. In his new book, “Why is God so Mad at us?” Pat draws from his experiences in marriage, as a dad, and as a communicator who has touched the hearts of thousands of individuals. Pat, through an obvious grasp of real life issues brings thought provoking answers to tough questions in a practical and scriptural manner. Pat does not spare the details from his own life. You will learn from this author about his struggles, his victories and his failures. This book is written from a refreshingly honest and transparent perspective. Read “Why is God So Mad at Us?” with a pen, notebook and box of Kleenex tissues at hand.”

Bret Allen, Senior Pastor
Bethel Church, San Jose, CA,

“Pat’s open heart and clear message of freedom can “play” in the rural areas of the south AND in an ultra urban environment such as San Francisco. This book’s message hits this generation at its greatest need.  Then it points out the pathway to freedom.  UNBELIEVABLE!”

Forrest Beiser, Lead Pastor
Glad Tidings Church, San Francisco, CA,

“Every generation needs to understand the father heart of God. Pat Schatzline has a tremendous gift in conveying the strength and covenant heart of our amazing loving Father. If you know anyone who is struggling with angry god verses a Loving Father God, this is the book to open their hearts to a powerful truth that everyone needs to hear.”

Matt Berry, Exec Pastor and Communicator
Inspire Church Sydney, Australia,

Pat Shatzline is a voice to be heard when it comes to this crucial global question amongst millions. “Why is God so mad at me?” Pat was obviously in touch with thousands who cried out from their daily tormented lives to be able to articulate this outstanding cry of desperation. Thank you for listening to humanity’s cry. The enemy’s agenda is to paint a picture with lies that make’s God look like the one being mad. He is not the God of madness but a God of intense, pure love. This is a demonic attack on the spotless character of Our Savior Jesus Christ and the redemption He brought to us on the Cross. This book is not another echo but a VOICE OF URGENCY answering the desperate cry that needs to be heard. This passionate release from Pat Shatzline will reveal the true Heart of our Heavenly Father, and the Passion He has for humanity will be felt as you read through these pages. I believe this book could be instrumental to change the question in a dramatic way once The God of Love is revealed. The question could soon be, “Why is this God, that died on a cross, so in love with me that He forgives my sins and gives me eternal life?” The lie of the enemy will be out-shined by the truth of the Gospel. I truly believe this book, coming from the heart of Pat, will be instrumental in setting the record straight. Many will receive emotional, mental, and spiritual healing by reading this book.

Andre Van Zyl, Evangelist & Author
Good News to the Nations, Dacula, Georgia,

“It is said of King David that “he served his generation well…”  I believe the same can be said of Pat Schatzline.  He is a powerful, articulate and clear voice to this generation.  Pat Schatzline’s book “Why is God So Mad at Me?”  has captured the essence of what the Lord is trying to speak to a generation.  That truly God isn’t mad but rather Madly in Love with People, with a generation.  That truth is not only exemplified by the book but in the ministry and life of Pat and Karen Schatzline.  In this book you will find the answers to questions that have been asked for generations.  The book not only will answer questions but the truths and concepts conveyed in this book will set people free to experience the Love of God.  I cannot recommend this book strongly enough…it is a must read.”

Donald L. Gibson, Pastor
Mercy Gate Church, Mount Belvieu, TX,

“Pat Schatzline’s  new book answers a fundamental question this culture is asking and reveals the true character of a God who loves His creation so much. With all of the misinformation about how God interacts with us and the purpose of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross “Why is God So Mad At Me” will clarify the great Mercy and Love he has for all of us no matter the mistakes we have made or what may have taken place in our lives. This message is a “right now word” for a generation that has God’s prophetic stamp on their lives and has the potential to awaken Nationwide revival when this truth is shared across the globe. Remember, God is not mad at you- He is mad about you!”

Mark Ivey, Lead Pastor
Christ Alive Church, Newton, NC,

“I have known Pat Schatzline for over 20 years, and he is the most passionate youth communicator, that I have ever had speak for me. He preaches with a passion that is both authentic and anointed as well as relevant to real life issues.  The message of the book “Why is God so mad at me?” speaks to this lost hurting generation a clear message of who God is and the very fact that he is madly in love with them.  There are so many students that come to our statewide events and this is the message that this generation so desperately needs to hear.  If you are wondering if this book will be a good read, it will be more than that, it’s a life-changing read. When so many speakers are merely an echo of what has already been said, I believe Pat is a voice that speaks clearly and directly to the issues that this generation faces.  When life hands out so many questions its books like this one that provide hope and purpose.  I recommend this book to students, leaders, pastors and parents that simply need to hear the answer to “Why is God so mad at me?”

Al Force, District Youth Director
The Assemblies of God In Peninsular Florida, Lakeland, FL,

“Gangs, drug-addiction, illicit sexual activity…I am a witness to the sad deterioration of a generation that is desperately crying out for the love of a father.  We are living in times where there is even a lack of spiritual fathers within the church.  Pastor Pat is not only one of the most down to earth individuals I know, but he is also an amazing spiritual father to many–which is why this book was so hard to put down.  The message in “Why is God so mad me?” is evident that my good friend, Pat Schatzline, has heard the Father’s heart.  This book carries such a loving and profound revelation regarding the Father’s love, that I am certain it will transform any reader, of any age, forever.”

Patty Valenzuela, Lead Pastor
Ignite Movement, El Paso, TX,

“Why Is God So Mad At Me?” is way over due. Pat Schatzline lays out a concise clarion call to AWAKEN A GENERATION to an authentic LOVE relationship with God! Generation transformation will happen through this book! Count on it!”

Paul Owens, Lead Pastor
Fresh Start Church, Peoria, AZ,

“Pat Schatzline has never been one to shy away from tackling the tough issues. He touches on a spiritual disease that has infiltrated the hearts of many of the people sitting in churches today. No matter if you grew up in a pastor’s home or on the streets, every person needs to read this book! It exposes the root of the question “why is God mad at me?”, which has been planted in the hearts and minds of people of every age by the very powers of Hell.  For years Pat has effectively brought a proven prophetic voice to this generation and this book is no different.  It reveals the true heart of God. Pat encourages us to reframe our thought process and lean in to what Jesus is speaking to his Church.”

Steve Mason, District Youth Director
Alabama Assemblies of God Youth Ministries, Montgomery, Alabama,

“Pat Schatzline’s book, “Why Is God Mad At Me?” addresses a core misconception about the nature of God, that both believers and non-believers wrestle with.  As Pastor, I’ve heard countless people attribute the atrocities swirling around them as acts of God.  Each time I hear their stories I want to scream, God has nothing to do with it!  Pat in this book equips you to artfully unveil the true nature and character of God, in a world of madness.”

Jeremy Saylor, Lead Pastor
Christian Life Church, Birmingham, AL,

“An excellent book to open your heart and give insight to the unconditional love of the Father. As Pat and Karen unfold His Word they are enabling you to discover and understand the Father’s love. The relationship with the Father that is shared and related through their family, and other experiences will convince you that “God is not mad at you, God is mad about you!”

Rev. Keith Elder
Legacy Ministries, Billings Montana,

“This new book by Pat Schatzline provides a much-needed treatment concerning the subject of God’s love.   Aimed at addressing the idea of whether God is “mad at us” the book hits the target with answers to questions we all have.  Providing a refreshing perspective on tragedy, hardship, and difficulties readers are helped to remember or discover the first time a love that is greater than be imagined.”

Sean Cherry, Lead Pastor
The Summit Church at Birmingham, Trussville, AL,

I am blessed to be Pat’s dad. He is not a person who lives for popular acclaim. He loves and people! His passion is always intense. He writes to encourage and people reach their individual Destiny. Son I am proud of you.

Dr. Patrick M. Schatzline, Evangelist
D.M.I., Northport, Alabama,

“If there was ever a picture needed on the front of the Youth Ministry “Wheaties” box, it would be Pat’s. He once again cuts to the heart of a crucial need with our student culture and answers the question of “Why is God so mad at me?” Pat provides exactly what an individual needs to know in a well written and easy to understand format and in so doing he has written an instant classic for those yearning to find answers.”

John Dougherty, Director
Georgia A/G District Youth Dept., Macon, GA,

“Pat Schatzline is a great man with a high calling. The writing of “Why is God so Mad at Me” is timely for our world today. With so many challenges to face it is alarming that people are turning from God or becoming angry rather than running to their father God. Pat addresses the very deep questions and concerns that people face, and he does so in a clear, concise and non-condemning way. This book will give you hope, build your faith, and restore you to a loving father who simply wants relationship with His creation.”

Ted Miller, Lead Pastor
Crossroads Church, Oklahoma City, OK,

“In his book, “Why is God So mad at Us?” Pat confronts a paradigm in culture that has a crippling potential in the church and in our world. Without proper understanding of God’s love and mercy, we will never understand his correction. Pat has done a masterful job of communicating the love that Paul explains in Ephesians 3:19 which is known beyond simple knowledge. This is a timely word that will resonate deep in the heart of the church and a generation.”

Rob Sperti, Worship and Prayer Pastor
Winston Salem First Assembly of God, Winston Salem, NC,

“Do you know who your Heavenly Father is? The truth is you will never know your true identity and potential until you know your Father God and how much He believes in you. Why is God so Mad at Me? by Pat Schatzline is a must-read.  This book will show you who God your Father is, and in turn will help you see your own identity in Him. This book had me in tears as I came to a new revelation of God as my Father.  No matter where you are in life you need this book. The majority of us, at one time or another, have asked, “Why is God so mad at me?” Throughout this book, Pat shows with brilliant clarity not only who God is, but that He absolutely is not mad at you.  What a freeing truth!”

Jeremy Donovan, Pastor/Author
Seven Youth Ministries/ The Hard Way, Claremore, OK,

Sometimes the circumstances in our lives feel so overwhelming. Isn’t it interesting how life produces so many different people? There are happy people, hurting people, sad people and people everywhere on the spectrum with real emotions- real issues and so many real tough questions. If you or someone you know have a lot of those pesky unanswered tough questions, get this book! Pat answers those questions for you! As I read the book, I fought my own tears because what is in this book touches those things deep in me and everyone should know this message. So, get ready. Your life is about to be changed.

Hazem Farraj, Pastor
Reflections T.V. Newport Coast, CA,

“Why is God so Mad at Us?” by Pat Schatzline is a masterpiece in proving who God really is to humanity. This well researched book from a seasoned communicator expounds on God’s unconditional love for humanity while exposing the misconception that pain and suffering is the result of God’s anger with us. This is a must read for all Christians at any stage of their walk with Christ; especially those in ministry to others.”

David Garcia, Lead Pastor
Grace World Outreach Church, Brooksville, FL,

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